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Christian Dating Advice For Men

Author: Joseph Matthews

If there was ever a balancing act in our lives, it’s the one in which we have to balance our desires, and our beliefs.

As men, we all find ourselves struggling from time to time with our urges and our faith. Here you can gain some perspective of fitting these two together.

It is natural to strive to stand firm in what we believe and for most Christian men, staying within the boundaries of the church is essential for their experience of love.

One of those boundaries is that sex should only happen once married.

Whether we follow it or not, there are validities of free will choices at work here and it is not for us to judge this belief.

Ancient philosophy informs us that partaking of sex with one another mingles a piece of our soul with the other and then continues with us forever.

In some respects, this is true. So the doctrine to keep your virginity for your wife is a wise one.

But this presents a unique challenge for those men out there who wish to stay true to their faith.

To enable yourself to continue attracting a woman, while fostering a relationship as you wait for marriage is achievable, however, you must take note of a few perspectives.

After all – sex is important! Getting married to someone who’s sexually incompatible with you can be a very difficult union to be in.

Here is some advice I’ve come up with specifically for men who face this issue of romance vs. faith.

1. Refine your beliefs

Faith guides us throughout our lifetime, is essential that you are clear in where you place your faith and beliefs.

We all have free will, the ability to think and reason, this is God’s gift to us. We look at all our options while deciding which path we each take. Some of us take it all in and keep what teaching reverberates within our higher self, while others embrace all of their churches teachings.

You must refine and clarify your beliefs and then stick to them, no matter your choices.

2. Be aware that God has a plan for you.

You must trust in the fact that there is a woman out there you are meant to be with, and God has a plan to unite you with her.

But there is only so much God can do! After all, we are beings of free will, and it is up to us to take action and seize the opportunities God presents to us.

Learn to be proactive in finding the right woman for you.

Going out to meet women, getting to know them and dating are not things that just happen unexpectedly. You have to make it happen. Your beliefs help you stay on the plan for your life.

3. Virginity is not a mystical treasure.

Many people have a notion that virginity is something to be prized, but it really isn’t. Sex is just an act. It’s just like breathing, or walking, or exercising. It is something we do.

Man was meant to be fruitful and multiply. Sex is one of the greatest gifts we have from God. It is pleasurable because he meant for us to have sex.

So to look at your virginity as something sacred is not helpful. Virginity is meant to be lost – the real challenge is finding the right person to lose it to!

Sex has a spiritual aspect of course, since it is an aspect of finding the woman who makes you feel so very alive, whole and loved. The spiritual aspect of sex is different from the act of sex, since it touches you within a deeper level.

Striving to achieve this type of intimacy helps you determine if the physical aspects are in tune also.

Intimacy with women is nothing to be afraid of, hugging, touching and kissing are natural urges and reactions. Nevertheless, true intimacy comes for sharing your hopes and dreams with each other while staring deeply into each others eyes.

4. Women are real people with no need of a pedestal.

Because of the importance places on sex in your faith, it might be easy to artificially inflate a woman’s importance.

Perhaps you consider her a goddess, a delicate flower, something you should cherish and treat special.

Keep in mind, there isn’t much difference in men and women, since we are all cut from the same cloth. Treating a woman special because of a sexual attraction is not the same as respect.

Loving an ideal is easy, although it is difficult at times to love reality. Remember women too get cranky when hungry, awakens with morning breath and asks you to take out the garbage. This is reality.

We have to learn to love the reality of women, and not idealize them. Realize that sex is just one aspect to the females of our species. And that being human, we all share similar traits.

You will develop a clearer perspective when you realize that as humans women are just like you in many ways; this helps you to determine if they fit into your life plan.

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