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Christian Dating Service – How to Tell If That Good-Looking Single Guy is Flirting With You

Whether you’re meeting single guys you’ve met online through a Christian dating service or any other dating service or meeting men you’ve met offline there are a few secrets you can learn about body language that you can use to determine whether a guy is flirting with you or not. By learning these body language techniques you’ll be more aware of whether the guy is flirting or is attracted to you and whether he wants to make a connection.

Lifting The Eyebrow

Try to notice when the guy first looks at you, if his eyebrows quickly rise and fall. If he does this then if you’re interested you can raise your eyebrows back.

Shifting Positions And Exaggerated Movements

He may change his standing or sitting position to stand away from his group or his friends. He may make exaggerated movements or gestures to try to get your attention.

Parting The Lips

There may be a slight parting of the lips. He may part his lips ever so slightly momentarily when he first connects with your eyes.

Flaring Nostrils

His nostrils may open up ever so slightly and his eyebrows rise up. and with lips parted. At the same time he may smile broadly and show that he is friendly and approachable.

The Male Courtship Stance

Watch for the male or macho stance. Locking the thumbs into his belt or belt loops with his fingers pointing down, spreading his legs about the distance of the shoulders and titling his head to the side – the typical cowboy-style stance.

Touching His Face

He may touch his face by rubbing his chin, brushing his cheek with the backside of his hand or fingers or even touch his ears. This can be because he is nervous or just preening.

Stroking The Front Of Shirt Or Smoothing Out Pants

This would be unconscious preening such as smoothing out a shirt sleeve, shirt pocket or tie. (Girls lick their lips when they’re preening.)

Touching His Hair

Watch for any touching of his hair. He may run his hands through his hair or smooth it out unconsciously which again could be called preening.

Arching Eyebrows

Watch for the eyebrows arching up while he is talking to you. He may look a little bit surprised and raise his eyebrows which shows he is definitely interested in you. If the guy has a smooth relaxed brow and relaxed eyes, he is not interested in you.

Adjusts His Socks

If he pulls his socks up while you are near him it is a sure sign that he’s interested in you and wants to look his utmost best. Another sign of preening.

With these body language secrets and tips you can easily determine whether the guy you met through an online free Christian dating service, agency, Internet site or singles network offline or at any dating service, singles club or singles event, or even speed dating function, is interested in you. If you’ll take some time and study single men’s behavior and look for these free clues you’ll be able to find the best relationship for you.

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