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Christian Singles Gone Wild – How to Keep Your Sanity When the Dating World Loses Its Mind

I refuse to believe that my life as a Christian single is mostly defined by my dating activities. From what I read on the internet and hear from family and friends; my singleness is good when I have lots of dating options and bad when those options are scarce. Am I the only one that thinks that is insane or are there any other persons who agree with me? I am more than my dating experiences!

If dating is my real job, then why do I spend so much time doing sit-ups, reading positive books, working to make a living, riding my stationary bike, worrying about my old car, washing my clothes, talking with friends and all of the other things that occupy most of my waking hours? Dating was something that I tried to slip in between all the other stuff I had to do, but apparently I had it all wrong. Instead of building my life around my spiritual and physical well-being, I should have been focused laser-like on meeting and going out with women. Sounds crazy, but I think I have finally figured it out.

In a world that bombards us with dating sites on the internet but leaves us hanging when it comes to how to live a spiritually wholesome life as a Christian single, how can we keep our sanity when there is no doubt that the dating world is losing its mind? Here are some suggestions that I hope will keep you from going off the deep end:

  • Pay attention to God first. With the summer months upon us and the short skirts and exposed skin tantalizing our senses, it is difficult to not be distracted. But when we take our eyes off God, we also tend to miss the warning signs that we are losing a grip on reality. Let’s stop looking at all those sexy beautiful people and start paying more attention to God.
  • Remember that whoever is the flavor of the day is also a child of God. I know it may be difficult to see that sexy, alluring and attractive person as something more than the object of your lusts and desires. But just as God has a purpose for you, He also has divine expectations of that person you are sniffing after. Now we don’t want our selfish desires to get in the way of God’s purpose for other people, do we?
  • Think of how you can benefit others instead of how they can benefit you. Do not think of the wonderful things you want that person to do for you, but focus on how you can help to make that person’s life better spiritually, physically and emotionally.
  • Think spiritual outcomes first. Often, spiritual growth is the last thing we think of when Mr. or Miss Look-So-Good grabs our attention. But, the main purpose of all of our human relationships is to help us all grow closer to God. The more we keep spiritual growth as the main outcome, the more likely it is that God will help to bring the two of you together.

By keeping these four suggestions in mind, we are less likely to lose our minds and end up doing something that is out of character. The world may be too far gone to put dating back in its rightful place, but we Christian singles can do our part to restore some sense of sanity. Our lives are full enough with trying to stay ahead of the bill collectors, bad luck and whatever other curves life will hurl our way. We might as well do what we can to keep our dating activities from making us go insane.

Kevin Morgan is an author, entrepreneur and publisher. His publishing company, Sowjourn Publishers, markets books that uplift and inspire. To learn more about living a fulfilled life as a Christian single, visit or his blog on singleness:

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