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Dating Advice: Don’t Set Off Her “player Alarm”

A major mistake that many guys make is dimming the lights as soon as they get the girl onto the couch. This is one of several “Player Alarms” that men often do that make women think, “Oh God, he’s about to make a move”. Another thing that a lot of guys do is turn on some romantic music right away. This is another major alarm that screams, “I‘m a player and I’m about to try to get into your pants”.

A smooth guy is careful not to set off these alarms in women. A smooth guy let’s her flip through the TV channels for a while, keeps the conversation going for a little bit and then casually strolls over to the CD player and asks her if she wants to listen to some music. Also – don’t turn the TV off and fiddle around with your music collection for a long time in silence. Have some music nearby so you can get it playing fairly quickly. Don’t have it already cued up because then it looks like you had it all set up. Remember – women love spontaneity. If any of this looks contrived it’s an instant turn-off.

Choice of music is not to be underestimated. Now I know that when many guys think romantic music they have visions of Barry White and other standard love song singing pop artists but I have to say many women find this stuff cheesy. I know a lot of you are reading this saying, “c’mon – chicks love that stuff”, and I agree that lots do love that kind of music but it also screams “cheesy!!!”. It also shows a lack of originality. Here’s your chance to keep some intrigue going. Come up with something more original. A few artists that are great for this are Portis Head, Bjork and Massive Attack to name a few. They are sexy, different, mysterious and they don’t yell, “I learned my romantic musical taste from American Idol”.

By: Spencer Michaels

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