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EquallyYoked Reviews

EquallyYoked Reviews – Equally Yoked is a social club for Christian singles with thousands of members nationally. Biblical principles provide the foundation and “rock” of their business ethics.  Most Equally Yoked member centers offer local and national member networking, events, seminars and workshops. Their unique online interface with members offers a personal touch with many tools to help each member navigate the life of being Christian and single.  Their mission is to positively impact each member’s life spiritually, emotionally, and socially.

Every member on Equally Yoked is real, and can be located easily through a local member center. They are easily contacted.  Equally Yoked has a unique nationwide Intranet exclusively for members only. This is not a “cookie cutter” software package.  Their software is developed by Christians for Christians.

The two step enrollment program:

Step One is to contact them:

Whether you choose to inquire on the phone or email the first step is yours to make. Look under Member Centers on our Website for a member center near you. You will be contacted promptly.

If no member center is near you click on the “no center near you button”. You can still join Equally Yoked easily. You will be contacted and authorized to join.

Step Two is to enroll:

After you decide membership is for you the sign up process is fun. You will be assigned a user name for the Intranet and you will choose a password. You will then have access to single Christians in your area and across the country.

There are currently no EquallyYoked promotional codes, coupon codes or discount codes.
Go to www.equallyyoked.com

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