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Important Christian Dating Advice

Although Christian dating web sites strive to maintain professionalism, privacy, and safety, customers must be aware of possible dangers. Other online dating services have safety and privacy issues and advice posted on their site, and Christian dating services will post similar web pages with Christian Dating Advice.

The most important piece of Christian dating advice is to remain anonymous. Members should be careful to not give out any personal information, including email address, ICQ, or postal address. It is important to get a good idea of the kind of person that is on the other end of the conversation before revealing any personal information.

Another important piece of Christian dating advice is that members should take their time and not feel rushed or pushed into a personal meeting. A phone call should take place first, and if possible, the phone number should be kept anonymous. Many mobile phone companies have made it easy to keep the mobile number private–a simple push of a button before making the call will turn on the privacy function. The dating service member should only share his or her phone number when he or she feels comfortable.

When a meeting is going to take place, it is important to meet in a public place and take a friend if possible. If a friend or family member cannot accompany the person to the first meeting, give someone as much information as possible, including meeting time and place. Finally, the dating service member should always take his or her own transportation to the first date. It is important to have a way to leave if he or she feels unsafe or awkward.

Some warning signs to consider when utilizing a Christian dating service include inconsistent information and if the other person is avoiding important questions. Once a meeting has been planned, it is important to note whether the person matches the profile he or she provided, and it is also important to be aware of any behavior such as anger or physically inappropriate comments. Always be prepared to leave an uncomfortable situation.

If a Christian single is aware of possible warning signs and follows common sense, then the Christian dating experience can be a rewarding experience.

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