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Upuilding Christian Dating Advice

Author: Giovanni Azael

One of the main goals when dating is finding compatibility. Compatibility may come in many different shapes and forms and that’s why it is very important to find common ground from the start of any relationship. One of the many things that cause problems in any relationship is the conflict in religious beliefs.

Some may say, “Does it matter whether or not the person you are dating is Christian, because it shouldn’t!” A Christian dating a non-Christian is just like two people from two different countries dating. Their beliefs are different, their way of living aren’t the same, neither are their outlook on life.

A Christian evolves their lives around God, whereas the non-Christian may target himself/herself with making a lot of money. This shows that the two people’s priorities are definitely not the same. Our future plans and goals change according to what we feel about certain things and religion plays a major role in that. No matter what religion we’re in, we are all seeking to serve the same God in a way that we believe is acceptable to Him.

With the help of the Bible, Christian dating comes to be less complicated. It talks about the different roles that each person has in a relationship. Whether or not both people are Christians, the end result of the relationship depends on their embracing of the roles given by God. At the end of the day, the roles we were given was so that relationships succeeded. Christian or not, accept them.

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