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What To Watch Out for on Christian Dating Sites

You may have thought that all Christian dating services were created equal – you’d be sadly misinformed. You might even have thought that they were all owned by well-intentioned Christians and be surprised to find out that they were owned by a company that all runs slightly “hotter” dating sites!

Instead of making the mistake of signing up with the first singles site that you come across when surfing the web, take just five minutes to check out the following tips:-

  1. Does the site have a “statement of faith” anywhere – if not, it probably isn’t run or owned by Christians
  2. Are there contact details easily accessible so you can email or phone someone if you have a question or a problem
  3. Is there a privacy policy clearly visible on the first page. You are giving out very sensitive information about yourself so you’ll want to know it’s kept safely and not sold to anyone
  4. You can find out who owns a website by looking them up at WhoIs.net
  5. and finally, do you feel happy with the tone and approach of the site itself? If you’re unsure, simply bookmark the page to return later. Don’t sign up straight away and take time out to check out a few other dating services first.

These simple checks can help to ensure your online safety and keep you safe from those who want to exploit Christians simply to make money.

Make sure you find the right Christian online dating service for you.

This article was submitted by Jennifer Carter, who writes for Online Christian Dating Services.

Author: Jennifer C
Article Source: EzineArticles.com

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